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Flashback & Flashforward

Zynergy has been designing and developing Internet businesses since 1997.  We recently took some time to look through our archives to remember the journey our company has been on for the past 18-years. Soon after the Internet was established and eCommerce was going to revolutionize every aspect of life, Zynergy has been able to remain a progressive thinker of Internet-based business practices and technology. For example, our company’s web site created in 2001, would still holds its own in 2015. See what we mean by visiting our old web site. Remember to have fun playing our custom game while listening to our custom music player.

Zynergy online gaming


But, lets not forget when things first got started at Zynergy, everyone was having to learn brand new programming languages, design techniques, and how to create teams of vastly different thinkers – engineers, designers, marketers, and business strategists. It was exciting to have such a steep learning curve. Even today, learning and doing is a critical part of the culture at Zynergy.

Since 1997 much has evolved, compared to the old ways of doing things. We remember spending countless hours hard coding HTML from scratch and trying to place a transparent pixel somewhere so the layout design would look right on the screen. The simplest tasks took days and weeks, which now can be accomplished in minutes and hours.


Robotics, drones, wearable tech, and mobility is our future. The way in which companies and people collaborate will also need to change as well. Big businesses and small businesses will need to collaborate more as the startups keep things fresh and new, while big businesses have the necessary resources to launch their ideas forward.


This was a fun exercise, as it gave us the opportunity to reflect on our past and future. It is always wise to remember and understand your past in order to create the future.

James Zimbardi
[email protected]

James Zimbardi is the CEO of Zynergy. He has over 20-years of experience incubating startups, launching companies in various industries, and leading digital business innovation projects for large corporations. His expertise is leading cross-functional teams and progressive thinking startup companies through the process of launching new ideas, products, and services. Mr. Zimbardi has a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing and IT, and an MBA from MIT as a Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership. Company Bio | LinkedIn Profile

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