Interaction of two or more people or organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


We combine visionary business consultants, engineers, creative designers, industry experts, and investors together in order to launch disruptive business ideas.


Startup Business Consultants

We advise entrepreneurs how to best navigate their startup business in order to grow faster, more efficiently and effectively. Setup a complementary initial consultation to discuss your startup business.

Digital Innovation Team

If you need help implementing your web-based or mobile business idea, we provide a high level digital innovation team to implement your business idea. We provide startups the ability to receive the level of professional services only large organizations are able to afford.

Business Partners

Most startups require a significant amount of time and resources to get over the ``hump.`` The hump is the stage between starting a new venture and getting to financial stability and sustainability. Zynergy partners with entrepreneurs in order to get over the hump quickly and efficiently.


  • Almost all new entrepreneurs find themselves tight on money. That is part of the risk factor most entrepreneurs must face. But, looking for a lottery ticket is not the best way to resolve this issue. What will more likely lead to a success story for an entrepreneur of......

  • Among many important aspects of starting a new business, branding is one of the most important in today’s digital economy where information is bombarding your audience. The following are the critical steps to take in order to establish a solid brand for your startup business......