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Unlocking Boundaries. Embracing Possibilities.

Our expertise lies in assisting companies to conceptualize and realize their potential with the intention of bringing about a transformative change in the way we live and work.

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The combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Business Strategists

Business Strategists

Our approach commences with gaining a thorough comprehension of the problem you intend to tackle. We then work towards formulating a comprehensive strategic roadmap, along with a visual vision, to ensure a promising future for your enterprise.
Tech Engineers

Tech Engineers

Our front-end & back-end technology engineers build the system that causes a major disruption in the marketplace.
Creative Marketers

Creative Marketers

Our highly creative marketers help launch new products or services into the marketplace.
Project Managers

Project Managers

To propel a disruptive idea forward, it is imperative to have a tactful project manager with the responsibility of overseeing the coordination of our business, design, and tech teams.


For more than two decades, Zynergy has been at the forefront of pioneering initiatives aimed at tackling pressing business issues or launching novel business ideas, since the inception of the Internet in 1997. In conjunction with distinguished organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), World Vision, The National Cancer Institute, and others, we have fostered unconventional and pioneering concepts across various sectors. Additionally, we have spearheaded the creation of multiple enterprises and worked alongside elite clientele.


24 Years


To lead the most innovative ideas currently being explored in the world.


James Zimbardi CEO of Zynergy

James Zimbardi – CEO

At Zynergy, our commitment to serving clients with excellence remains steadfast as we prioritize their best interests in all our endeavors. Our approach to problem-solving and developing cutting-edge digital technology involves a delicate balance between innovation, efficiency, and feasibility. Our ultimate goal is to help executives, managers, and entrepreneurs turn their most significant challenges into their greatest opportunities. To accomplish this, we rely on a team of seasoned experts and a strategic implementation plan to bring any ambitious vision to fruition.



We want to work with those who desire to change the world by being cleverly inventive and resourceful.

Heart and Soul 

We believe if you do something, it should be done wholeheartedly.


Make it right, or don’t make it at all.

Nothing is Impossible!

We will approach every challenge with a can-do and will-do attitude.

Radically Committed

Dreamers don’t become leaders without core convictions to stay committed through hardship.