eVision 2020 competition

Zynergy Plans to Host eVision 2020 Competition

Zynergy, a global incubation firm, has plans to launch an eVision 2020 competition to be held in 2005. The eVision competition will provide consultants, entrepreneurs and their teams the opportunity to demonstrate their vision and the use of Internet-based technology for the year 2020. The competition will be for public entry and entails the following categories; commercial, nonprofit and education.

“We are expecting over 1,000 entries and are excited to see some of the great visions individuals and teams from around the world think the Internet will have on our lives by 2020. We are interested in elevating the marketplace to continue to breed innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial ideas that could greatly affect our global community,” says Zynergy’s CEO James Zimbardi.

If you would like to be an entry participant or potential cosponsor, and would like to receive more information about this competition please contact us at: [email protected].

James Zimbardi
[email protected]

James Zimbardi is the CEO of Zynergy. He has over 20-years of experience incubating startups, launching companies in various industries, and leading digital business innovation projects for large corporations. His expertise is leading cross-functional teams and progressive thinking startup companies through the process of launching new ideas, products, and services. Mr. Zimbardi has a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing and IT, and an MBA from MIT as a Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership. Company Bio | LinkedIn Profile

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