Phases of a Startup Company

Zynergy has 5 phases in which every startup company moves through. What phase are you in?

“Entrepreneurs take the resources they already have available, and multiple them.”

– James Zimbardi

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  • Phase 1

    Idea Formation

  • Phase 2

    Foundation Building

  • Phase 3

    Proof of Concept

  • Phase 4

    Funding & Fundraising

  • Phase 5

    Growth Management

Getting to “YES” with Investors

Phase 1

Idea Formation

It is one thing to have ideas, it is another thing to formalize ideas so that they can be commercialized and monetized. Zynergy works with new entrepreneurs to formalize their idea(s) to create a solid foundation in order to give an entrepreneur the best opportunity possible to establish and grow a new company. Credible investors don’t invest in just good ideas, they invest in people that have proven track records. We start by helping you build a track record.

  • New Entrepreneur Overview
  • Strategic Growth Plan
  • Monetization Plan

  • Resource Management
  • Basic Business Building Blocks
  • Do’s and Don’ts

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Phase 2

Foundation Building

After formalizing your idea, the next step is to build the idea on a small scale to test and fail quickly. We learn some lessons together by building on a small scale (rapid prototyping) to conduct market testing. During this phase we are building a solid foundation for the future of the startup company.

  • Incorporating and Branding
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Budgeting & Projections

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Product & Service Rapid Prototyping
  • Initial Launch & Market Testing

Funding Your Idea

When it is time to fund your idea, we establish a budget

and help obtain the necessary capital.

Step 3

Proof of Concept

We now move to monetize and market your products and/or services.  Zynergy helps move your startup company from pre-revenues to post revenues. Investors invest in companies that demonstrate growth and proof of concept.

  • Scaling Launched Product or Service
  • Growth Marketing
  • Logistics – Processes & Procedures

  • Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership Development

Step 4

Funding & Fundraising

After a startup company has solidified its idea, developed a solid foundation, launched its initial product or service, and has proven it can make sales, it is now ready to be funded. Companies that have been through the previous phases with Zynergy will be seriously considered for funding, and will receive help in attracting other investors as well.

Startup companies with just an idea, no revenues, and no personal capital invested will not be considered for funding. You must first go through the previous phases, and answer “Yes” to at least 3 of the following questions.

  • Have you demonstrated the ability to make and sell your product(s) or service(s)?
  • Is your startup company profitable, or showing signs of profitability?
  • Have you started a business before that has generated over $1o0,000 in revenues?
  • Have you invested or are you willing to invest at least $25,000 or 20% of the total amount needed of your own financial resources?

Cross-Functional Teams

We infuse the necessary team of business and innovation experts into corporations and startup companies to tackle the most difficult financial, business, technical, and marketing challenges. 

Phase 5

Growth Management

Once funding is received, the startup company will be required to continue demonstrating its ability to perform by putting the financial capital received to good use. Zynergy will help you continue to grow and help raise additional capital if necessary as your close advisor.