Digital Marketing Consultants for Growing Law Firms

Bringing Law Firms into the Digital Economy

Besides the use of LinkedIn, most law firms and attorneys are underutilizing digital communication to educate, promote, and develop a strong digital footprint for their law firm. Zynergy helps law firms take a proactive approach to building a law practice using digital methods of marketing and communication. Traditional word-of-mouth advertising has evolved to clicking and social sharing. Don’t let your law firm remain unengaged in the digital revolution. Let Zynergy help you evolve your existing law firm, or build your law firm.


In today’s digital economy, your law firms need to be reaching its target audience using electronic methods. Zynergy establishes a professional marketing strategy, and executes campaigns to build awareness, goodwill, and attract new clients for your law firm. We make your law firm an attractive option for legal services.

We provide the following services as your marketing campaign manager.

  • Website Design, Development, & Management
  • Website Performance & Conversion Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Ad Creation and Placement
  • Campaign Performance Tracking

Major Benefit:

  • Results driven with a highly professional approach to digital marketing
  • Maintain consistent marketing efforts for better results
  • Month-to-month commitment
Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO)

If your law firm needs full-time marketing attention, Zynergy serves as your virtual marketing officer. We make sure your law firm has consistent and ongoing marketing efforts. As marketing professionals, we design and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to build awareness and keep your law firm an attractive option for legal services.

We provide the following services as your virtual marketing officer.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Website Design, Development, & Management
  • Communication & PR
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Management of All the Firm’s Marketing Related Issues
  • Performance Tracking & Campaign Management

Main Benefit:

  • High quality and lower cost solution compared to hiring full-time marketing and technology experts
  • Team-based approach with a lead senior marketer
  • No upfront cost (6-month commitment required)