Phase 5: Funding & Fundraising


Zynergy will consider being your first investor after successfully completing phase 4 of our startup growth process. In addition, we will introduce you to the investor community to bring more awareness to your startup company’s funding needs.

At a Glance

Once a startup has proven its idea has merit on a small scale, it is time to ramp things up. Even seed capital and angel investors are looking for proven entrepreneurs and startups with a strong track record. After spending the necessary time building a track record, it is time to share it with investors.

Note: Professional investors are most interested in a startup’s ability to produce a Return on Investment (ROI). When a startup can demonstrate its ability to make a Return on Investment, investors are much more willing to invest.

Services Provided

  • Pitch Deck Design & Development
  • Investment Strategy & Planning
  • Financial Roadshows

  • Investor Relations
  • Presentation Preparation

What to Expect

Zynergy will seriously consider being your first investor outside of your existing pool of investors and self-funding efforts once we have built a solid base. In addition, Zynergy will conduct investor relations activity on your behalf. We strongly believe coming to investors with a stronger pitch that includes a proof of concept will result in much better opportunities, and will create much more interest in the investor community.

Let’s Move Forward

Tell us about your company and its financial needs. And, if you are an investor interested in investing in startup companies, please signup.