Phase 3: Designing, Prototyping, Building, & Launching


Zynergy collaborates with forward-thinking leaders and their enterprises to bring their concepts to fruition. Our expertise ranges from assisting large-scale companies to pioneering startups in crafting innovative and long-lasting digital products and services. Our methodology involves employing cutting-edge technology and imagination to create groundbreaking solutions that challenge conventional thinking. Whether it is to introduce innovative offerings or tackle critical business issues, Zynergy strives to deliver value through innovation and creativity.

At a Glance

We first build a model of your new product or services on a small scale using rapid prototyping techniques. Then, we establish a project plan for building and launching your new product or service in phases so that we can get to market quickly without compromising quality.

Services Provided

  • New Digital Product or Service or Design
  • Prototyping
  • Software Development (web & mobile)

  • QA Testing
  • New Product/Service Launching

What to Expect

Rapid prototyping and building a new digital product or service is conducted using Zynergy’s 5-Step Process. We take this approach so that we can get a new product or service to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This allows us to test a new product or service in the market to determine what needs to be adjusted for further development. We believe it is best to make decisions using real users and real data to facilitate R&D, and to create a sustainable new product or service.

Zynergy always utilizes the latest technology and business tools when developing a new product or service.

Let’s Move Forward

Depending on your project requirements and financial status, we will provide you a proposal to fit your budget, while getting the job done right.