Business Analyst, Internship

About Zynergy

Zynergy is a high-tech management consulting firm that helps progressive thinking companies experience exponential growth.  Since 1997, Zynergy has been helping clients launch innovative and disruptive business ideas. It is because of our highly creative and highly technical cross-functional teams we are able to take visionary concepts and brings them to fruition.

The Role

The primary role of a business analyst is to interact with C-level management and entrepreneurs to perform due diligence on their company. During the due diligence process, the business analyst will determine if they are a good candidate for Zynergy. After a potential client has been qualified and terms negotiated, the business analyst will help develop solutions to the business problems that have been identified. And, when a company is ready to be funded, the business analyst will help with investor relations activities.

The Responsibilities

  • Identify promising startup companies in the marketplace.
  • Perform due diligence on potential clients and investors.
  • Work with clients by developing technical and non-technical solutions to their business problems.
  • Utilize proven and unproven business techniques and management consulting models.
  • Help manage deal flow by connecting startup companies with investment opportunities.
  • Research and report on new startups, business practices, and company evaluation methods.


  • Experience reading and working with spreadsheets and financial statements.
  • Flexible and willing to learn new things that are related and unrelated to their area of expertise.
  • Comfortable with taking on tasks and responsibilities beyond their comfort zone.
  • Easy to work with in a team environment and one-on-one.
  • Able to lead various constituents through projects and decision making discussions.
  • Excellent communication skills – both oral and written.
  • Proactive verses reactive when a problem has been identified.
  • Interested in management consulting, investment banking, or leading a company.
  • Committed and trustworthy with a positive attitude.
  • Committed to excellence in quality of work. Desires to over-deliver and exceed expectations.

Expected Learning Experience

  • He or she will be exposed to a wide variety of companies and industries.
  • The intern will be challenged by providing unproven qualitative and quantitative business solutions that he or she will also be responsible for applying and testing.
  • The intern will experience the opportunity to have a significant and direct impact on the future of Zynergy, and its clients.
  • He or she will gain experience managing relationships with various constituents such as C-level management, investors, designers, attorneys, software engineers, and other service-related professionals. 
  • He or she will learn how to manage a company using the latest software and management tools available.
  • He or she will be exposed to companies at various stages of the business lifecycle.