Phase 6: Growth Management


Once your startup company has been funded, expectations on you and your team are increased exponentially. Zynergy helps navigate the pressure and responsibility of growing a company quickly.

At a Glance

After receiving funding from investors, more responsibilities, resources, and expectations need to be met. We help navigate the waters ahead so that your investors continue to have confidence in you, and your startup company continues to grow.

Services Provided

  • Financial Monitoring & Reporting
  • Growth Management – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Business Development

  • Crisis Management
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Additional Funding Preperation

What to Expect

We want to see your company explode, not implode. Transitioning from a small operation to one of significant scale and size requires internal and external resources. We help establish a community of professionals that will help manage the welfare of the organization. Allowing Zynergy to help navigate uncharted territories, will allow for better decision making, and retain investors’ confidence.

Let’s Move Forward

We want to know how we can help your company explode, and not implode.